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Walton Heath 2023

It's nice to see that passion


Nordqvist excited for AIGWO atmosphere

Anna Nordqvist, the 2021 AIG Women

Anna Nordqvist is undoubtedly a player for the big occasion and the Swede cannot wait to soak up the vibrant atmosphere at this year’s AIG Women’s Open.

A veteran of seven Solheim Cup appearances, Nordqvist triumphed in the AIG Women’s Open at Carnoustie two years ago to seal her third major title.

Having experienced the adrenaline rush of being cheered to victory down the 72nd hole, she is excited to once again play in front of sizeable crowds at Walton Heath.

“I will always remember playing the last hole at Carnoustie,” Nordqvist told

“The grandstands were packed and there were people shouting my name, and it just adds so much to the atmosphere and makes the setting so special. And if the adrenaline is pumping without the spectators, it certainly helps to turn it up a notch.

“At some events we're not spoiled with a lot of crowds, but the majors and specifically the AIG Women's Open it’s nice to see that passion and have people come out and cheer you on.

“Golf is huge in the UK and they can appreciate good golf and they love the game probably more than anywhere else in the world.

“Even the brave spectators coming out if you have an early Thursday tee time and you're on the tee, it just means a lot knowing that people come out to support you and want to watch you play. And hopefully they can get inspired by what they see too.”

Anna Nordqvist celebrates her victory at Carnoustie

Anna Nordqvist celebrates winning the 2021 AIG Women's Open

In addition to world class golf, fans will be able to enjoy a festival fan village at Walton Heath – offering diverse street food, roof top bars and live entertainment.


“I think that's very exciting to hear and it's nice to see tournaments starting to reach out more and more for everyone to come,” Nordqvist added. “Everyone might not want to go and watch 18 holes of golf, but there's something else that they can do.

“A lot of it, I think, is trying to get maybe an audience that hasn't watched golf and someone will maybe take their daughter to the golfing event and they get to see and, who knows, they might be inspired and all of a sudden they want to start playing golf.

“And then I think it's all worth it because if we can influence others to see what golf is about, I don't think a lot of people know how good the level of the women's game is right now and how good the players are.

“I love playing when there's a lot of spectators and it just helps with the atmosphere and wanting to do even better, so I'm very excited to see the set-up this year.”

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