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Carnoustie 2021

Golf’s greatest test


Players excited by Carnoustie

Leona Maguire at Carnoustie on Wednesday

Carnoustie is known as golf’s greatest test and the venue has understandably prompted considerable excitement from the competitors at this week’s AIG Women’s Open.

On the eve of the Championship, we take a look at what the players have said about our spectacular host venue.

LEONA MAGUIRE: “It’s in perfect shape. I think the greens are probably the best links greens I've putted on in a long time.

“I like golf courses that make you think, and this is definitely one of them. I think it's tough but fair. I think if you hit good shots, you're rewarded. If you're slightly off at all, you'll be punished and yeah, I mean, there's a lot of options. You can be as aggressive as you want off the tee, and take advantage of that, or you can play conservative and make it a lot tougher for yourself. I think it's good that there's options and there's a lot of strategy to it. You can't just stand up and hit it wherever you want.

“It's a proper golf course. It's a major championship golf course, and whoever wins this week is going to be playing some really good golf.”

CATRIONA MATTHEW: “I think the main buzz is just how good the golf course is. I think it's in fantastic shape this year.

“The rough's thick but playable … it's the kind of rough which is perfect because you can get flyers, it's unpredictable but you can still have a chance at the green.

“Like most links courses, keeping out of the bunkers off the tee will be crucial. And let’s see what the wind does. I think it's completely opposite (what it has been) for the four rounds of the tournament. You know the course will play completely different to what it has the last few days.

Lydia Ko at Carnoustie

LYDIA KO: “This might be the trickiest AIG Women’s Open I've played yet. I've heard a lot about this place. I've watched it when the guys played a few years ago, and obviously it's held the (Open) Championship quite a lot of times.

“I think you have to be strategic around here. It's going to be a great experience and I'm excited to be at a golf course where there's so much history.”

HANNAH GREEN: “I feel like we're so lucky to be playing Carnoustie. Even when I drove in, I was kind of just smiling the entire way and even on the golf course.

“I feel like at least that's one positive that if you don't have such a great hole, you look at the bigger picture and are like: ‘I'm playing Carnoustie, this is pretty damn cool.’ I’m really excited.”

CHARLEY HULL: “It's really good. Great condition. The fairways are playing firm and the greens are playing soft.

“I just think it's in great condition. It's nice. Hopefully the wind stays up as well. I prefer playing links when it's windy.”

GEORGIA HALL: “I played 18 holes today and it was a different golf course to yesterday, just based on the wind.

“I think every day is going to be different, and that's what it should be. I'm really excited to play. I haven't played an event here in 10 years and I look forward to teeing it up tomorrow.”

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