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Walton Heath 2023

Golf It!


Loads of ways for newcomers to get involved at Walton Heath

Golf It!

If you’re new to golf but will be attending the AIG Women’s Open this week, a trip to the ‘Golf It!’ zone will quickly make you realise why people love this great game.

With so many exciting ways to get involved, think of ‘Golf It!’ as the sport’s equivalent of the funfair; a facility guaranteed to generate plenty of smiles and some great memories.

Simply put, there couldn’t be a better place to pick up a golf club for the first time.

The ‘Golf It!’ zone at Walton Heath, Surrey, is at the heart of a bustling festival fan village, keeping spectators occupied throughout the week.

The mini-golf set-up will be familiar to many, with each hole having its own unique theme. The holes in the ‘Golf It!’ zone take their inspiration from pinball, table football, pool, and even the solar system!


Driving ranges play a huge part in a recreational golfer’s practise sessions, and driving bays - or 'hitting' bays - are present at Walton Heath.

Golf clubs are available in all sizes, meaning anyone can give it a go.

It’s golf. For everyone.

And if those activities whet your appetite, you can book a free 15-minute coaching session with a PGA professional who will show you the basics of a solid golf swing.

Ashleigh Buhai kisses the AIG Women's Open trophy

Ashleigh Buhai won the AIG Women's Open in 2022

‘Golf It!’ will be open from Thursday 10 August right the way through the Championship until Sunday 13 August.

A bigger ‘Golf It!’ facility recently opened in Glasgow.

‘Golf It!’ Glasgow is a family golf and entertainment venue that connects the world with the unbound joy of golf, not just to get more people playing the game, but to improve the perception of golf and ultimately make it affordable for all.

'Golf It!’ has been created to remove barriers and incorporate all formats of the game, including three 9-hole adventure golf courses, 52 two-tier driving bays, nature trails and lots of other outdoor activities aimed at encouraging people to get together and get active in the heart of their community.