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Lilia Vu of the United States

Digital Tickets

Tickets for the AIG Women’s Open will be delivered digitally via the AIGWO Tickets App.

The AIGWO Tickets App provides a secure means to access, manage and transfer tickets to the event for your own use, or to share with family members and friends.

The AIGWO Tickets App is available to download now on iOS and Android devices.

AIGWO tickets app

When will I receive my Tickets?

Once tickets are ready, all ticket purchasers and hospitality guests will receive an email towards the end of June inviting them to download the AIGWO Tickets App. Please ensure that you sign up to the app with the same email address that you purchased the tickets with (and received the email on), to easily gain access your tickets. For fans purchasing tickets closer to the event, you will receive the invite to the app within 24hrs of your purchase.

Important - If you download the AIGWO Tickets App before you receive the email inviting you, your tickets will not be immediately available in the app, however they will be available in due course. If you wish to view the details of your valid tickets, you can log into your 'My Account' on

AIGWO tickets app

Transferring Tickets

We would strongly encourage all attendees to hold their own ticket on their own smartphone for security purposes and to speed up entry on arrival. However if member(s) of your party do not have access to a smartphone, you may hold multiple tickets on one device. Transferring tickets can be done using the in-app transfer functionality to send any additional tickets to the other members of your party. We recommend transferring any tickets in advance of your arrival to avoid delays.

AIGWO tickets app

No Smartphone?

For any spectators attending the AIG Women’s Open that do not have any access to a smartphone within their party, please come to the on-site Ticket Office to gain entry to the venue.

The lead purchaser of the group must accompany you and provide the following:

1) Proof of purchase (e.g. a printed email/ printed file recap document),

2) Some form of ID (e.g. driver’s license or bank card).

If you had tickets purchased for you and the lead purchaser will not be in attendance to provide proof of purchase, please contact us to discuss your entry process.

Ticketholders should contact us on or +44 (0)1334 460010.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the AIGWO Tickets App